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The Leader In IP Communication Technologies

Digital Acoustics has been providing reliable IP Audio Infrastructure products to countless industries for over a decade. Our products stand the test of time in the most demanding IP network environments.

VoIP Integration

As VoIP phone systems become standard, it is important that all communication equipment remain compatible as technology evolves. Digial Acoustics SIP Media Gateway and Embedded SIP enables seamless integration with most IP phone systems currently available, including Cisco Call Manager.

Enterprise Class Command and Control Software

TalkMaster Enterprise Command and Control Software provides a robust multi-console intercom and paging operator interface that is used buy hundereds of business and government orginizations around the world to facilitate their IP communication needs.

Announcing TalkMaster 5.0 with Associated Video!

We are excited to announce TalkMaster 5.0 with Associated Video. This new add-on to TalkMaster allows you to associate an IP Video Camera with any Digital Acoustics IP Audio Device in your system, allowing for real-time visuals of the person or area you are communicating with. This addition provides increased situational awareness to the operator and can leverage your existing IP camera installations (including NVR’s) or install new cameras to enhance your audio specific coverage. Watch the video to see it in action!

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Announcing the New IP7 "A/V" Line of IP Audio Modules!

We are announcing our new hardware line, the IP7 “A/V Line” of IP modules with local audio input. This new line of devices allows you to utilitze a local audio source in conjunction our normal Network IP Audio functionality. This new line allows the option for either network or local audio, which in a transit application, would allow for a train or bus operator to make manual announcements over the top of the automated messaging or in a classroom it allows you to use your A/V speakers as a teaching tool while also utilizing them for IP Audio Messaging. Watch the video for a brief overview!

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Announcing the New IP7 Industrial & Transit Line of IP Audio Modules!

We are announcing a new Industrial and Transit Line of IP7 IP modules. This new line of devices features Vibration-Resistant Connectors and Conformal Coating for Harsh Environments. These units have M12 Ethernet Connectors as well as reinforced DIN clips for high-vibration environments such as train cars, busses, and industrial manufacturing facilities. Watch the video for a brief overview!

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Our Products Are Deployed In Over 30 Countries Worldwide!


Premier Colleges and Universities around the world choose Digital Acoustics as the selected IP Intercom and Paging Solutions provider for their mission critical mass notificaiton and communication needs. We deliver highly intelligible and reliable IP audio across buildings, campuses and continents.

IP Intercom and Mass Notification Solutions

Over 30,000 Digital Acoustics IP endpoints have been deployed by leading security integrators. G4S, Tyco Integrated Security, and Siemens are among those who trust their misison-critical deployments to the Digital Acoustics platform.

IP Audio for Security and Monitoring

All Digital Acoustics products support SIP 2.0 and can integrate with and expand current VoIP installations for paging and two-way audio applications. The aditional features of TalkMaster Software can be ultilized side by side with your SIP deployment.

VoIP Standards Compliant

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