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ii3 IP Intercom Series

Emergency Communications and Mass Notification Systems

The fastest way to a person’s brain is though their ears! Digital Acoustics delivers high-quality, intelligible audio to areas large and small, near and far. 

Whether you call it Mass Notification, Big Voice, or an Emergency Communications System, it is the broad delivery of audible alerts to the people you protect


When a crisis happens, clear and intelligible communications to the people you are responsible for is critical.  Digital Acoustics’ IP-based public address solutions deliver your important information, either through “live” announcements or pre-recorded messages, swiftly to their destination.  Whether you need to address a specific room, a building, a large campus, indoors or outdoors – we have a solution that will meet your needs.


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Text to Speech feature enables you to send the same message you send via SMS, Email or Visual Messaging now through your public address system!  
This enhancement increases your speed of delivery to your organization and the people who need to be informed.

Can we make our campuses Safer?   TIME

Colleges now on Alert  ... USA TODAY


Uses existing network for fast deployment

High quality audio over Ethernet, wireless and fiber 

Multi-Console, Multi-Operator Command and Control

VoIP Telephony Integration with SIP 2.0

Easily expands to hundreds of end-points

Connects seamlessly over LANs and WANs  

Low bandwidth utilization (64 kbps)

Patent pending Digital Acoustics® Fail-Forward technology




 campus wide  notifications 

connect security, audio-visual, classrooms, emergency alerts with 2 way return audio



University Campus and College Campuses

District-wide and Individual Schools for K-12

Alert systems for Military Facilities

Emergency notification for Hospitals

Federal & Municipal Government

Mass notification for Industrial Facilities

Commercial and Educational Buildings

Retail Stores & Shopping Malls Alert System


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Digital Acoustics is a world leader in design and manufacturing of reliable emergency warning and mass notification systems. We provide mass notification systems integrator for schools, communities, the college campus, refineries, educational institutions, manufacturers and military installations. Our emergency mass notification systems are widely recognized for their quality, affordability and advanced technology. We customize our  emergency alert systems and can easily integrate with Text to Speech,  SMS, Text Based messaging, VoiP Paging other emergency notification methods. 

Digital Acoustics emergency communication systems offers reliable IP Ethernet audio systems for mass notification, community warning and campus safety alerts provide IP and Ethernet connectivity Text to Speech conversion and exceptional voice intelligibility in paging Alert Emergency notification systems enhances safety with increased awareness and security.

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Digital Acoustics is a  world leading manufacturer of IP School intercoms, educational intercom systems and School/Industrial Intercom Systems. Products are 100% Voice Over IP Network capable and supplement video systems, support paging and add scalable expansion for schools, campus, educational facilities and universities audio intercoms. Uses for Campus Alert and  Campus alert systems provide emergency notification to improve college Emergency Alerts and College safety. Audio intercoms used for educational notification systems can be used with Emergency Text Alerts and other emergency notification for schools. Emergency notification for schools improve safety and student security IP Paging for Schools offers improved capabilities over Mass Text Messaging, including 2 way audio, paging and remote listen-in monitoring. Integrated Priority Alert Software for school intercom systems improve security Technology On Campus and enhances student protection. Our IP7 series intercoms provide a complete University Alert System. For other University notification systems, safety for education, emergency paging systems and campus intercom alert system contact our sales department. We offer a 100% IP based system that deploys quickly for  campus audio emergency notification.

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