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Digital Acoustics IP7 and ICC OEM module provides integrators and OEM's a complete solution to facilitate  two-way audio communications and paging in embedded systems. IP7 board level products and our  ICC Core modules offer full range of features found in the IP7 series of products.

Using Digital Acoustics’ patent pending technology,  OEM intercom modules offer  audio/digital connectivity and OEM options through application specific "Personality Modules".



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  • Self contained Ethernet Intercom board
  • Programmable interfaces for Push to Talk
  • User defined indicators and signals
  • Integrated RJ45 10/100
  • Integrated Microphone with advanced AGC
  • Static IP assignment or automatic via DHCP
  • 3.5mm jacks for Mic In and Speaker Out
  • 2x10 .1" Pin header array for additional connections
  • Integrated diagnostics and network optimization
  • 3.3/5v volt, low power, sleep modes

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Optional capabilities for all models include:

- PoE Streamline wiring runs with the Power-over Ethernet (PoE)  option. All IP7 intercoms with PoE capability directly power from network cabling supporting 802.3af

- Integrated 2 port Ethernet switch provides a 2nd RJ45 LAN pass-thru to support additional intercom and upstream networked video and access control

       System and Module level specifications core technology

  • Network Protocols TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, ICMP, IGMP, MULTICAST

  • Network Interface 10/100 Base-T Ethernet, Auto-MDIX

    Core Technology ICC-256 50 MIPS SoC (System On A Chip)   

  • IP Address Assignment  Static, DHCP

  • Transport Bandwidth 64kbs Nominal

  • Audio Protocol G.711. 8/16bit PCM/uLaw

  • Audio Latency  <200 Auto-Adaptive

  • Audio Line In/Out  Nominal 1V p/p

  • Microphone  Balanced, Pseudo-Differential / AGC > 40db

  • Internal Audio Power Out   8 Ohm Balanced Transformerless (BTL)

  • Expansion Bus  I2C

  • PoE Standards   802.3af  (4W)  where applicable

  • Diagnostics  LED Status, USB, Temperature and Power Monitoring

  • Programming  Flash programmable via USB, Ethernet

  • Fault Management  Advanced Fail-Forward™ fault detection

  • Connector I/O   RJ45, USB-B, RJ10

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OEM Integrator Solutions 



Digital Acoustics' OEM Technology Group continue to  advance  products for our IP7 Series in 2009  ... Products will include convergence of highly integrated technology of  patent pending IP solutions...  contact us  to learn more


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