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ii3 IP Intercom Series

Educational Facilities 

Quickly and cost-effectively install new or replacement intercoms and paging systems over existing Ethernet networks. Flexibly manage multi-building or multi-campus systems.



  ...Florida-based installer replaces legacy analog educational intercom system in 5 working days. System incorporated more than 45 intercom and paging locations located in 9 buildings on a 12 acre campus.  

... University site progresses toward installing 300-plus ii3 IP Intercoms in classrooms linking  Educational Technology Center. 


Tech Supports Campus Security Initiatives

Can we make our campuses Safer? - TIME

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High quality audio over Ethernet, wireless and fiber

Push-To-Talk (PTT) access for instant  voice connections

Easily expands to hundreds of stations

Connects seamlessly over LANs and worldwide WANs

PC based, with integrated paging support

Remote listening, paging, and transfer capability

Patent pending Digital Acoustics® technology

Fast to deploy, easy to maintain



Intercoms with Paging

Cafeteria and Gym Paging

Public Announcements

Intra-Campus communication

Hallways and Stairs

District-wide Informational Communication

Remote classroom monitoring

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Digital Acoustics' ... solutions for Educational Facilities:


Install IP7 2-way Intercoms on site (e.g. classrooms)

Add IP7 Paging stations to common areas (hallways)

Centralize all communication using TalkMaster Software

Extend  notification  to Security Personal &  Administration

Expand stations  to  Local Government command centers 


Instant Communication... at the ready

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... campus wide  communications 

connect security, audio-visual, classrooms, engineering and IT support with instant PTT audio



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Digital Acoustics is a  world leading manufacturer of IP School intercoms, educational intercom systems and School/Industrial Intercom Systems. Products are 100% Voice Over IP Network capable and supplement video systems, support paging and add scalable expansion for schools, campus, educational facilities and universities audio intercoms. Intercoms for Campus Alert and  Campus security systems provide emergency notification to improve school and College safety. Audio intercoms used for educational notification systems can be used with Emergency Text Alerts and other emergency notification alerts on school and university campuses. Audio paging provides instant mass emergency notification for schools improve safety and student security.

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