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Digital Acoustics has developed a core, proprietary technology set through 10+ years of research and development.  That history and information have been used to grow DA into a leading manufacturer in the IP Audio Industry.  The platform includes hardware, firmware, and software that work together to deliver Branded Products, easily integrated and customized OEM Products, and leaves future Advanced Developments unbridled.  



The Interoperable Communications Class (ICC) Digital Communication Engine

The ICC chipset resides on a 2”x2” multilayer circuit board that includes ARM/DSP cores, CODECs, HD audio amplifiers, and integrated protocols.

Where the competition has standardized on off-the-shelf, commodity VoIP chips, Digital Acoustics has developed a superior solution in-house, holds intellectual property on those developments, and is not limited by specifications of 3rd-party components.

ICC Peripheral Support

ICC supports Serial Data (RS-232, I2C), USB Devices, Sensors, Relays, Switches, and Indicators.  Soft interfaces include Acoustic Echo Cancellation, LEC, ALC, FFT, and internal audio line routing matrices.

Deployments often require more than voice and music delivery.  Other common needs are digital command signals, sensors to collect information, and controls for external devices (switches, LEDs, door strikes, etc).  The ICC protocol supports these features; SIP alone does not.


TalkMaster FOCUS and Software Development Kits

TalkMaster is a Windows® application written in C++, supporting the ICC protocol, SIP, TCP/IP, & RTP.

TalkMaster FOCUS is the fifth generation (5.0) of Digital Acoustics application software.  TalkMaster features include:

  • Live or pre-recorded paging to dynamic zones
  • Two-way intercom communication with associated video streaming via IP camera
  • Scalability to hundreds of software operators and thousands of hardware endpoints
  • Automation for building “if this…then that” scenarios
  • Constant “health monitoring” to ensure system and network connectivity (Patented FailForward)
  • Email alerts for system interruption
  • Text-to-speech engine supporting RSS/CAP:Atom feeds
  • SIP 2.0 gateway allowing software integration with SIP phone servers
  • Door and gate control via on-board relays and sensors


Digital Acoustics was ‘the‘ first company to invent, develop and deploy IP intercoms starting in 2004.  By 2007  our first patent,  ‘Fail Forward’ , was granted.  Today we are still the sole owner of this IP intercom redundancy that remains unique in the industry.

•Fail-Forward ™ Technology provides redundancy via unique process for network fault management automatically redirecting endpoints in the event of a command center failure.
•Multipoint Direct Connect (MDP) provides for an unlimited number of interconnected endpoints without head-end or server. Enables ultra-secure, private IP infrastructure deployment and supports advanced firewall piercing technology


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