How Mass Notification Systems Support Airport Security

It’s travel season, and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) data shows that air travel volume is up — reaching over 90 percent of pre-pandemic levels by June 2022. More than 2.3 million people have passed through airport security checkpoints in the United States so far this summer, and it’s incumbent upon the airports to keep those passengers informed and equipped for safe travel. 

By using our systems to perform mass notifications at airports and other transportation hubs need for safer travel environments, you can ensure a safer and more productive environment for passengers and staff. Here are the challenges that mass notification systems can address. 

Cancellations and Delays 

Whether because of Covid recovery, staffing shortages or overscheduling, flights are being delayed and canceled across major airlines this summer. The nation’s largest airports are seeing around one in six flights canceled in a single day. Although many travelers use airline mobile apps to stay updated on flight status, older and less tech-savvy travelers typically still rely on onsite communication at the airport. Mass notification is still critical to keep the most vulnerable fliers fully informed on the day of travel, and we can provide those systems.     

Property Theft

Instances of lost luggage sharply increased throughout the pandemic, with the global mishandled baggage rate spiking by 24% (around four bags lost or stolen for every 1,000 passengers). With a mass notification system that plays audio files throughout the day or night, airlines and airports can remind passengers to head to the baggage claim belt for luggage retrieval immediately after disembarking their aircraft (or whatever related announcements are deemed appropriate). 

Security Threats 

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) states that recently evaluated intelligence indicates ongoing targeting of the aviation sector by various terrorist groups. Although DHS says its strengthened security measures to fight security threats are both “seen and unseen,” some measures are required to be announced to passengers. The right mass notification system can issue both live and recorded security announcements, both on a scheduled and on-demand basis. 

Get More Information Now 

Digital Acoustics specializes in IP communication systems that boost security in sensitive environments, including transportation hubs. By using our systems to perform mass notification, airports can strengthen their security measures in times of elevated risk. In between announcements, the systems can play background music for white noise that supports a more comfortable, serene environment. Customized systems are also possible; if you can dream it, we can build it. To discuss how our systems can be used to deliver powerful mass notifications for airports, call Digital Acoustics today. 

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