How TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite Enhances Remote Monitoring Services

The ability to monitor and secure businesses remotely is essential to a facility’s security. Retail stores, construction sites, oil rigs, large facilities, and other companies aren’t always fully staffed for security. Digital Acoustics’ TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite is the perfect system for audio monitoring and communications technology that monitoring centers need.

What is the TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite

The TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite is a scalable audio security system that works for any size business. It allows you to connect IP Speakers/Horns, IP Intercoms, IP Endpoints, and IP Amplifiers to the TalkMaster™ FOCUS. This connection is made over a local network or wide area that multiple monitoring station operators can manage.

It allows you to improve service levels and manage all your IP7 endpoints remotely. Plus, TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite is scalable to hundreds of operators that can manage thousands of speakers, intercoms, and amplifiers. You can have an entire national installation routing back to the same server, which is convenient and cost-effective. Here are some other aspects of the system that make it invaluable to monitoring stations.

Event-Triggered Automations

Facilities can set up event structures tailored to their needs that help trigger certain automations. These automated responses could be set off by abnormalities that trigger the system, like a sensor pin getting close to the ground indicating the opening of a door.

They could also be time-based. A business may want an automated message played every hour. Event triggers can also come from a change in status on a device. For instance, if a device becomes disconnected, it can automatically send an email to a contact in the system.

The Ability to Let Monitoring Station Operators Give Vocal Commands

Often, operators can give commands for trespassers to leave the property as a deterrent until police arrive if there’s a break-in or someone trips a perimeter sensor.

Once a sensor is triggered, it sends an alarm to the monitoring station where agents can verify it is a true alarm using the IP cameras on the property. Then they can give voice commands that demand criminals to leave the property immediately and that the police are on the way. The burglars hear a live voice and think that there is security on site, never realizing that the voice could be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

TalkMaster™ FOCUS Suite has a host of tools like multi-zone controllers, a software development kit so larger companies can write their own software, and much more. Digital Acoustics’ systems are designed for reliability and ease of use with built-in redundancies for perfect communication onsite and remotely.

About Digital Acoustics

Founded in 2003, Digital Acoustics offers audio communications for businesses in the Industrial, Education Critical Infrastructure, Remote Monitoring and Security, Transportation, Retail, Parking, Military and Government, Hospitality, Commercial, Corrections, and Healthcare industries. For more information on our products and service, contact us nationally at 1(847)604-3256 or internationally at 1(224)544-5710.

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