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IP Audio Integration for Sureview IMMIX

Digital Acoustics all new IP audio integration for Sureview IMMIX CC/CS supports our older ii3 IP Intercoms as well as our latest IP Intercoms, IP Speakers and IP Amplifiers including the IP7-MZC Multi Zone Controller.  Adding IP Audio to your IP Video systems is now easier and more cost effective than ever.

Updated Features

  • IP7-MZC single or multiple full-duplex audio zone support including “hot phone” alarms
  • Improved audio quality using the g.711 uLaw audio codec (automatically used with all IP7 Endpoints)
  • Improved audio delivery using the RTP audio option between TalkMaster and IMMIX
  • “Runaway alarm” prevention within IMMIX
  • Improved reliability
  • Improved error checking and reporting
  • Added support for the IMMIX GetConfig API
  • Added support for the IMMIX Site Sync API
  • “Full-Duplex” ready*

IMMIX and the Digital Acoustics Integration work with your TalkMaster Server and IP Endpoints. The SVDigitalAcousticsReceiver runs as a service on the IMMIX server and processes Alarms for IP Endpoint Talk buttons, Sensors and for the IP7-MZC “hot phone”. The DevDigitalAcoustics device driver is dynamically loaded every time an audio session is started or for device configuration and device site syncing.


Sureview Immix - TalkMaster Integration

IMMIX API support

Below is a list of the IMMIX APIs and features that are supported by the Digital Acoustics Integration.

  • ReceiveAudio for receiving audio from an IP Endpoint
  • SendAudio for sending audio to an IP Endpoint
  • GetConfig for adding new IP Endpoints from TalkMaster FOCUS to IMMIX
  • SiteSync for automatic synchronization of IP Endpoint between TalkMaster and IMMIX
  • Alarms for IP7 Talk and Sensor buttons as well as the “hot phone” on the IP7-MZC
  • Relay Activation or Relay On / Relay Off commands

Support links

TalkMaster – IMMIX Using Site Sync and Get Config


For more information, logon to the Sureview Support site and search for Digital Acoustics TalkMaster FOCUS.


For more information on Sureview Systems, visit their home page.


* Pending Sureview’s Full Duplex implementation for IMMIX







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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