Introduction to TalkMaster ™ FOCUS Suite

If you’re looking for a scalable audio security system that can work for any business, large or small, then TalkMaster ™ FOCUS Enterprise is just what you need. TalkMaster ™ FOCUS Enterprise is the industry-leading platform for managing audio with IP Intercoms, IP Endpoints, IP Speakers/Horns, and IP Amplifiers. Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative complete audio system.

Overview of TalkMaster ™ FOCUS Suite

This system allows you to connect IP endpoints, IP Intercoms, IP Speakers/Horns, and IP Amplifiers to TalkMaster FOCUS over a wide-area or local network that multiple Enterprise Operators can manage.

Unlock the power to manage all your IP7 endpoints and improve service levels by adding additional Enterprise Operator licenses. The Enterprise Operator system is expandable to hundreds of operators with the ability to manage thousands of IP Amplifiers, IP Intercoms, and IP Speakers/Horns.

 Here’s everything you need to know about this innovative complete audio system.

  •  Setup IP Endpoints in Queues and control which Operators manage them
  •  Multiple Operators can manage the same Queues
  •  Setup “overflow” conditions so that if one Operator is too busy, incoming calls “overflow” to additional Operators
  •  Provide automated IP paging with audio announcements related to weather alerts or from other RSS or Cap/Atom enabled feeds
  •  Provides the ability to monitor triggers such as status changes (endpoint becomes disconnected, starts a call, etc.), sensory events, time-based schedules, and more to and from one or more IP7 Endpoints. 
  •  The system can respond to status changes in several ways, including playing recorded audio over an IP7 or a group of IP7s, sending an email (or a text message via email), activating the relay on an IP7 or group of IP7s, etc. 
  •  Register individual IP7s (for full-duplex intercom communication) or groups of IP7s (for paging groups of IP7s) to a SIP 2.0 VoIP system. IP7 endpoints are fully SIP 2.0 compatible. 
  •  Setup Paging Groups with pre-recorded audio messages and control which Operators have access to send to them
  •  Listen to the audio from a group of IP Endpoints. Sound levels are visually displayed so you can determine which endpoint the loudest sounds are coming from
  •  View RSTP based associated camera feeds while communicating with an IP Audio endpoint


What Sets TalkMaster ™ FOCUS Suite Apart from the Rest?

Our audio processing reduces the background noise of sounds like trucks and large machinery. We don’t just send the audio to the Enterprise Operators without audio processing. Whether you choose to use our software or write your own using our available Software Development Kit, the system reduces the noise so the operators can hear the person speaking clearly and understand what they are saying.

TalkMaster ™ FOCUS audio processing also includes echo cancellation that eliminates the acoustic echo in environments where it’s hard to hear in challenging audio conditions. Some difficult conditions to hear in include background noise, unbalanced speech levels, a speaker close to a mic, outdoor/indoor environments, reflective room surface, changes in echo path, and double talk.

Also, this audio software isn’t just scalable; the IP7 hardware makes the system flexible so that you can use it as a TalkMaster device only, a SIP device only, or a TalkMaster device AND a SIP device simultaneously. So, large companies can use TalkMaster protocol to make scheduled announcements. 

For instance, when a cashier sees somebody shoplifting, they can press a button to play a pre-recorded announcement over the speaker saying something like, “you’re being watched.” Then they can use the system in a SIP-based phone system too.

These are just a few of the great features and benefits of TalkMaster ™ FOCUS Suite, and we haven’t even scratched the surface. Contact us at 1 (847) 604-9256 or fill out our sales inquiry form at the bottom of this page.

About Digital Acoustics

Founded in 2003, Digital Acoustics offers audio communications for businesses in the Industrial, Education Critical Infrastructure, Remote Monitoring and Security, Transportation, Retail, Parking, Military and Government, Hospitality, Commercial, Corrections, and Healthcare industries. For more information on our products and service, contact us nationally at (847 )604-3256 or internationally at (224) 544-5710.

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