IP Amplifiers

Digital Acoustics’ IP Amplifiers provide IP Audio over a standard Ethernet network connection.  Use with our TalkMaster software or SIP based VoIP Phone systems as a SIP Amplifier or VoIP Amplifier.

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IP Amplifier Overview

The series’ modular design offer superior scalability for small and large applications.  These cost effective network amplifiers are available in 8, 20 or 40 watt models and are capable of driving a single 8 Ohm speaker or group of speakers using optional 70V matching line transformers.  You can pair these IP amplifiers with new speakers or easily retrofit with a building’s existing speakers to create a modern IP Paging solution. For all your paging and emergency notification needs, look at Digital Acoustics’ IP Amplifier and IP Speaker Solutions.

Network IP Amplifiers

  • Unique design and flexibility supports both new and retro-fit applications
  • Durable industrial design with DIN rail mount or surface mount
  • Operates over wired, wireless or fiber networks
  • Patented Fail Forward technology
  • Compatible with all TalkMaster software and most SIP 2.0 based phone systems
  • Compatible with Singlewire Informacast software using our custom firmware

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IP Amplifier Examples

Pair Digital Acoustics IP Amplifiers with analog speakers or with an existing analog amplifier to implement a cost effective IP Paging solution as shown in the following examples.


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  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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