Digital Acoustics offers a wide range of IP audio solutions for the communications needs of any business regardless of size or scope. Our systems range from simple overhead paging to multi-way, multi-platform and networked systems that integrate emergency notifications, building security systems and two-way intercoms. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, a single location or locations all over the world, our technology allows secure connectivity throughout. Our IP-based systems are cost-effective and don’t require large investments in hardware. If you have power and network access you can set up our systems quickly and efficiently.  With our combination of technology and software, your central office can page to your entire network, a subsection, or a single endpoint. Messages can be triggered by actions taken in your facility such as a door being opened or an alarm going off.  We also offer text-to-speech options where user-generated text is converted to clear audio at the endpoint(s).



Emergency situations such as flood, fire, chemical spills, acts of terror, abductions, etc., can and do happen. Your company needs the best systems in place to avoid a true disaster. Our systems will alert everyone within your network with audible alerts with the push of a button. If there is a large-scale disaster or national disaster our system can be set to trigger from sources like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


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