IP Intercoms

Digital Acoustics’ IP Intercoms provide two-way audio over local area (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) with minimal bandwidth use.

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Benefits of Our IP Intercom Systems

Digital Acoustics’ IP7 Ethernet/IP Intercom, SIP Intercom  and VoIP intercom solutions provide direct and instant two-way communication over TCP/IP Networks, locally and worldwide. Patent-pending IP Intercom technology provides voice-quality audio over local area (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN) with minimal bandwidth utilization. Existing access panels and stanchions are easily interfaced to accommodate fast installation and scale to sophisticated customized solutions. Suiting the needs of both a small office or city wide coverage,  Digital Acoustics IP7 implementations are simple to deploy and cost-effective.

All IP7 Intercoms are completely digital and 100% IP-based with endpoints individually addressed for two-way intercom communication and paging.  Benefits include operating cost reductions from:

  • Shared network infrastructure, including SIP connectivity,
  • Lowering installation and implementation costs,
  • Integration into exiting networks including life safety or emergency systems,
  • Simple installation and configuration,
  • Scalable integrations to 1000’s of intercoms- locally, regionally or globally,
  • Network support for PoE and dual RJ45 connections

Intercom hardware endpoints are supported by the TalkMaster™ series of software products providing audio management, system configuration and a rich feature set of communications support tools.

Digital Acoustics IP7 Series, next-generation product family offers voice quality audio over wired, wireless and fiber in LAN/WAN networks. Complete systems install using existing network wiring.

  1. IP7 models offer sophisticated 2nd generation features
  2. Push-To-Talk (PTT) access for fast, easy voice connections
  3. Easily expands to thousands of stations, including Paging stations
  4. includes remote listening, SIP, VoIP and multi-operator capability
  5. Integrated door/gate access control relay and PoE powering
  6. Systems deployment includes free software and technical support
  7. Industrial Design with DIN rail / surface mount options
  8. Patent pending Digital Acoustics® technology
  9. Fast to deploy, easy to maintain

Use Cases

Implementations include Security Integration, Education, Homeland Security, Defense, Transportation, Industrial and Commercial installations. Choose from our all-in-one IP Intercoms with integrated speakers and microphones or retrofit existing analog call panels/stanchions by connecting them to our IP Intercom modules.

Use with TalkMaster FOCUS Software or VoIP Phone systems as a SIP Intercom or VoIP Intercom.  Whether it’s a small office or city-wide IP security intercom, these IP Intercoms are scalable and cost effective for small or large applications.  Our desktop and wall mount models are ideal for office or indoor environments. Rugged, industrial IP Intercoms are available in half-duplex and full-duplex, perfect for security intercom requirements.


  • Design and flexibility supports new and retro-fit applications
  • Converts analog call station or speaker to IP two-way communications
  • Industrial design with DIN rail mount or surface mount
  • On-board relay and sensor for door/gate access control and management
  • Operates over wired, wireless or fiber networks
  • Connect to VoIP Telephony Systems as SIP Intercom or VoIP Intercom using standard firmware or using TalkMaster™ FOCUS VoIP Connect (SIP 2.0) software
  • Connect to Singlewire Informacast software using our custom firmware
  • Patented Fail Forward technology

Sample IP Intercom implementations







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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