More Security Technology for the Education Sector

security technology for education

In addition to systems that can support campus safety and coordinate risk response, Digital Acoustics has security technology to facilitate day-to-day school communication needs. Intercom systems in schools are nothing new, but ours offer substantial advantages over those of our competitors. Here are some of the reasons to look to us first when you need intercoms and other security technology for education.

Lower Installation Cost

For a financially burdened institution, the cost of installation can be a barrier to acquiring any new technology. Fortunately, Digital Acoustics has 2-gang intercoms that fit the most commonly found electrical boxes in schools. Because we have a unique product that fits the majority of electrical boxes, this can significantly lower the cost of installation. For a campus that needs dozens or hundreds of intercoms installed, that lower installation cost can make the project a more affordable endeavor.

The Form Factor

With any electrical configuration, the importance of keeping things compact cannot be overstated. With our 2-gang IP intercom, all the electronics – from the speaker, to the mic, to the button – can fit into the existing electrical box. Beyond that, there’s no need to run wires anywhere. The device is powered via its own ethernet cable; just run it down to the box, plug it in, and it’s ready to use. Whether it’s the K-12 environment or a large university, the outstanding form factor of our intercoms is appealing for many types of school campuses. In addition, the product is heavy duty enough to endure environments that may be rugged in nature, including heavily rural or urban locations. Ask us about the durability of our IP intercoms for school campuses.

Single Software Platform

One of the coolest things about all our security technology for education – including the 2-gang intercom, ceiling speaker, wall speaker, or IP7FX system – is that they can all run on the same software platform. This promotes the kind of simplicity and ease of operation that school campuses need for their users to deploy intercom messages quickly and efficiently. On a single platform, users can issue live or pre-recorded messages to a single classroom or the entire campus.

Less training means faster deployment, which is an advantage for any busy school administration.

Whether a campus is using the popular Informacast platform, or would like to make the shift to our TalkMaster server, Digital Acoustics can install the intercoms and security technology needed to get ready for the next school year. To discuss your campus needs, call Digital Acoustics today.

About Digital Acoustics

Founded in 2003, Digital Acoustics offers audio communications for businesses in the Industrial, Education Critical Infrastructure, Remote Monitoring and Security, Transportation, Retail, Parking, Military and Government, Hospitality, Commercial, Corrections, and Healthcare industries. For more information on our products and service, contact us nationally at 1(847)604-3256 or internationally at 1(224)544-5710.

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