November 2016 – Article – Digital Acoustics featured in October SDM

“…Like all technologies relying on IP, entry control requires the right amount of bandwidth to perform properly. In the case of audio, that generally isn’t an issue because quality audio over IP requires extremely little bandwidth, says Christopher McNicholas, vice president – sales, Digital Acoustics, Lake Bluff, Ill. While IP technology offers more flexibility for the customer and integrator, connectivity is the biggest factor, McNicholas says. “Sometimes, a network is already located near an entry. Other times, network access could be across a building, parking lot or across a city. Our platform has the ability to deal with all of these scenarios, so we can provide high-quality IP audio to your gate and back. In addition, it provides control signals to unlock a door and monitor opened/closed status via on-board sensor…”

For the full article on “Entry Control’s Expanding Role in the Connected Environment,” see the below link:

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