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Digital Acoustics makes it easier than ever to incorporate IP Audio solutions into your custom product, enclosure or application. Use our IP intercom and IP amplifier boards along with the TalkMaster Software Suite, VoIP (SIP 2.0) Telephony systems or our Software Development Kits (SDK), to easily implement your IP Audio solution.  The flexibility of our intercom and amplifier boards allow you to incorporate the Digital Acoustics technology into your solution to provide tailor-made functionality.

For all your audio, paging and emergency notification needs, use Digital Acoustics’ IP Intercom and IP Amplifier solutions.

 IP Intercom and Amplifier Boards:

  • Same functionality as Digital Acoustics’ IP Intercoms and IP Amplifiers
  • Control board level functions using TalkMaster FOCUS software, SIP or your custom application using one of the Digital Acoustics SDKs
  • Choose half or full duplex IP Intercom boards or eight, twenty or forty watt IP Amplifiers
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