Ceiling Tile IP Speaker


2.0′ x 2.0′ Acoustical Ceiling Tile IP Speaker. Designed for simple Lay-in replacement in 2×2 or 2×4 ceiling tile grids.  White, 8 Watt, PoE Only.

    Product Description

    The Digital Acoustics SPKR-IPSystem-12 is a 2×2 lay-in Ceiling Tile IP Speaker which is PoE powered designed for interior audio paging and emergency notifications.  The 2×2 ceiling tile / PoE design of this IP Speaker results in an attractive installation that is quick and easy to perform.

    To enable optional 2-Way/Talk-back, include the IP7-MSR-BRD.

    Compatible with TalkMaster Software, VoIP SIP 2.0 Phone Systems and Singlewire Informacast software.

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