IP7 IP Audio Endpoint with Wall Plate mount attachedhalf duplex ip intercom

Half Duplex IP Intercom


Half-duplex IP Intercom endpoint, requires external speaker and/or microphone, 1 Watt, DIN/Surface Mount, 10/100 integrated switch, On-board relay, PoE-ready. Compatible with TalkMaster Software and SIP 2.0 Phone Systems.

    Product Description

    The IP7-STx is our best selling half-duplex IP Intercom. The IP7-STx’s versatility allows it to be used with a variety of analog call stations:

    • Supports “single transducer” call stations (speaker is utilized for both speaker and a microphone)
    • Supports call stations with a separate speaker and microphone
    • Supports Aiphone™ LE/LS series 3-wire call stations
    • Supports Aiphone™ IE/IF series 2-wire calls stations

    Additional capabilities include:

    • Software controlled on-board dry contact relay with “normally open” and “normally closed” terminals
    • Terminals to connect to a call station’s call button
    • Software controlled input “sensor” terminals
    • Line Out terminals can drive an analog paging amplifier with unbalanced inputs
    • PoE-ready primary network RJ-45 connector
    • Secondary network RJ-45 connector to connect a second IP device to the network
    • Patented Fail Forward redundancy technology
    • One watt audio amplifier

    Need to convert an existing analog 70V speaker system to IP? Simply install the IP7-STx on your IP network and then connect it to the balanced input of your existing analog amplifier as shown in the following picture:
    IP7-STx - Analog Amplifier

    Includes a DIN clip for mounting to industry standard 35mm DIN Rail as well as a surface mount plate.

    For high-noise applications, consider using the IP7-SE8 which has many of the same features with an 8 Watt Amplifier.

    Compatible with TalkMaster Software and SIP 2.0 Phone Systems as a SIP Intercom or VoIP Intercom.

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