IP Audio Multi Zone Controller

The ‘MZC’ product family is the industry’s first IP-to-analog bridge supporting full-duplex audio with the ability to switch on/off any combination of up to forty-eight 2-way zones. Also includes a “hot” phone interface for private full-duplex conversations.  Requires one to up to twelve IP7-ZX4L four zone expansion boards. Requires an External 12VDC Power Supply. Compatible with TalkMaster Software and SIP 2.0 Phone Systems.  Works with your choice of powered amplifiers for a fully IP based digital multi-zone-amplifier-paging-system. Ordering Options:

Feature SKU
S3/InformaCast IP7-MZC-FD-S3

Detailed information about each feature is described in the “Additional information” tab below.

The IP7-MZC-FD Multi-Zone Controller is an IP Audio multi zone controller that provides the ability to communicate with up to forty-eight zones of microphones and speakers (full-duplex) through a single IP audio connection. Any combination of Microphone and/or Speaker zones can be turned on and off by the calling party either through custom applications or via a SIP telephone.

The MZC combines the essential components for synchronized audio complimenting video alarm verification in a compact package for fast, cost efficient installations. It is the optimum choice for advanced audio/video installations. The digital controlled full duplex two-way audio technology offers greater signal separation and faster switching.

Up to 12 ZX4L four zone expansion modules can be cascaded off the IP7-MZC-FD for a total of up to 48 microphone/speaker zones! Central station personnel can establish one or two-way audio with any combination of the zones. A standard telephone can also be plugged into the IP7-MZC-FD. Picking up the handset can either establish an IP connection with the Central station or can override any “active” zones of a current conversation so a private one can be carried on with the Central station.

IP7-MZC-FD Features

  • DVR output (screw terminals) to allow the “active” conversation with the Central station to be recorded to a DVR
  • An on-board Microphone and Speaker so the installer can verify the audio connection with the Central Station before attaching any ZX4L expansion boards
  • A software controlled on-board dry contact relay with two sets of “normally open” and “normally closed” terminals (DPDT)


Support for the IP7-MZC-FD is included in Sureview’s IMMIX software, TalkMaster FOCUS software and SIP 2.0 Phone Systems.

The “MZC’ IP Multi Zone Controller also replaces the following Analog (Legacy) products from Eagle Alarm Verification Products with a nearly seamless IP based equivalent.

Model Equivalents Supported by the IP7-MZC and ZX4L boards:

Eagle Alarm Verification Products 2244
Eagle 2244 Terminator Vox Pro 2-Way Audio Alarm Verification Module 302244
Two Way Audio Verification Module Model 2222
302172D Speaker/Microphone Duo for Terminator
Eagle Security Terminator Two Way Audio Verification Module Model 1242  IP 2-way Multi zone amplifier alarm controller

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The IP7 Firmware Feature enables compatibility with Digital Acoustics TalkMaster FOCUS software and/or to SIP based phone systems.

TalkMaster FOCUS enables multiple console operators to communicate with IP Endpoints through two-way intercom calls and to send one-way messages to predefined paging groups.

The IP7 Firmware also enables connection to a SIP based phone system and to receive calls and if so equipped to initiate a call. SIP Peer-to-Peer mode is also supported.

IP Endpoints can connect to TalkMaster or to a SIP phone system or to both systems concurrently.

TalkMaster Administrator Console can be used to configure all of the the IP Endpoint's connections and options.


The S3 Firmware Feature enables an IP Endpoint to connect to a SIP based Phone System.

S3 Firmware enables the IP Endpoint to be configured through a standard web browser and supports the high fidelity G.722 voice codec. in addition to the standard G.711 uLaw and aLaw voice codecs. IP Endpoint can receive and automatically answer calls. They can also initiate a SIP call if so equipped.

SIP Peer-to-Peer mode is also supported.


The MZC is compatible with Singlewire's InformaCast software when it is configured as a SIP device along with InformaCast's Legacy Paging Interface (LPI) Plug-In. In this configuration, up to eight zones can be setup and will be listed under the IP Speakers menu in InformaCast.

InformaCast must be configured for SIP and all communication with the IP Endpoint will be done via SIP, not multicast.

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