IP Board Level 8 Watt Talk-back Amplifier


IP Audio Amplifier module, Board level, Half Duplex, requires external mic/speaker, 8 Watt, Surface Mount, 10/100 integrated switch, On-board relay, PoE-ready. Compatible with TalkMaster Software and SIP 2.0 Phone Systems.

    Product Description

    The IP7-SE8-BRD is a board-level 8 Watt half-duplex IP Paging Amplifier that can be used both as an amplifier for one or more speakers and as an Intercom for high-noise environments.

    • Supports call stations with a separate speaker and microphone
    • To support “single transducer” mode (speaker is utilized for both speaker and a microphone), add the IP7-MSR-BRD microphone switching relay
    • Can supply up to 8 watts into a single 8 Ohm speaker
    • Can drive one or more speakers over a 70V distribution line

    Additional capabilities include:

    • Software controlled on-board dry contact relay with “normally open” and “normally closed” terminals
    • Terminals to connect to a call station’s call button
    • Software controlled input “sensor” terminals
    • PoE-ready primary network RJ-45 connector
    • Secondary network RJ-45 connector to connect a second IP device to the network

    Compatible with TalkMaster Software and SIP 2.0 Phone Systems.


    For technical specifications, refer to the datasheet for the IP7-SE8.

    Product Datasheet
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