IP Speaker Ceiling Tile

ALL NEW!  2.0′ x 2.0′ Acoustical IP Speaker Ceiling Tile, SIP Speaker or VoIP Speaker. Designed for simple Lay-in replacement in 2×2 or 2×4 ceiling tile grids, it can be used for indoor IP Paging, SIP Paging and 2-way audio environments.

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S3/InformaCast SPKR-IP-CS-S3-IC

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The Digital Acoustics IP Speaker Ceiling Tile is a 2×2 lay-in SIP Speaker or VoIP Speaker which is PoE powered and is designed for interior IP Paging, SIP Paging and emergency notifications.  It includes an integrated 8 Watt amplifier, an internal microphone to enable 2-way audio and a Status LED visible in the speaker grill.  The 2×2 ceiling tile / PoE design of this IP Speaker results in an attractive installation that is quick and easy to perform.

This IP Speaker is compatible with TalkMaster Software, VoIP SIP 2.0 Phone Systems and Singlewire Informacast software.  It can be configured for full or half-duplex operation depending on the ambient noise in the room.

The following optional connections are available on the IP Speaker Ceiling Tile:

  • Analog Speaker for more even coverage in larger areas (order Analog Ceiling Tile Speaker part number SPKR-12-8) –  The IP Speaker Ceiling Tile can cover approximately 500 sq ft (based on a 10′ ceiling).  By connecting an analog speaker to it, the coverage area can be nearly doubled (each speaker will provide a max of 4 Watts)
  • External Line Level Microphone – The external Line Level Microphone connection provides the ability to locate a microphone where you need it most.  Use of the external Line Level Microphone disables the internal Microphone
  • External Call button with support for a 3.3v LED – The external Call button provides the ability to place a call to a TalkMaster Operator or to a SIP based phone system
  • Optional external power connector – For non-PoE installations, a 12VDC @1.2 Amp external supply can be used to power the unit

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The IP7 Firmware Feature enables compatibility with Digital Acoustics TalkMaster FOCUS software and/or to SIP based phone systems.

TalkMaster FOCUS enables multiple console operators to communicate with IP Endpoints through two-way intercom calls and to send one-way messages to predefined paging groups.

The IP7 Firmware also enables connection to a SIP based phone system and to receive calls and if so equipped to initiate a call. SIP Peer-to-Peer mode is also supported.

IP Endpoints can connect to TalkMaster or to a SIP phone system or to both systems concurrently.

TalkMaster Administrator Console can be used to configure all of the the IP Endpoint's connections and options.


The S3 Firmware Feature enables an IP Endpoint to connect to a SIP based Phone System.

S3 Firmware enables the IP Endpoint to be configured through a standard web browser and supports the high fidelity G.722 voice codec. in addition to the standard G.711 uLaw and aLaw voice codecs. IP Endpoint can receive and automatically answer calls. They can also initiate a SIP call if so equipped.

SIP Peer-to-Peer mode is also supported.


The S3/InformaCast Firmware feature enables the IP Endpoint to connect to Singlewire's InformaCast software and to SIP based Phone systems. Please note that InformaCast only supports outbound paging even on products that have two-way capabilities.

With S3/InformaCast firmware, IP Endpoints can be grouped together for multicast paging from Cisco Universal Call Manager (CUCM) or other IP based phone systems.

It also enables the IP Endpoint to optionally connect to a SIP based Phone System with browser based configuration as well as the high fidelity G.722 voice codec in addition to the standard G.711 uLaw and aLaw voice codecs.

SIP Peer-to-Peer mode is also supported.

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