TalkMaster™ FOCUS Enterprise Operator

License for additional Enterprise Operator consoles.  Add additional Enterprise Operator licenses to TalkMaster SOLO to enable the features of multi-operator TalkMaster FOCUS software.

Expandable to hundreds of operators and with the ability to manage thousands of IP Intercoms, IP Amplifiers and IP Speakers/Horns.

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TalkMaster FOCUS software is the industry-leading platform for managing audio with IP endpoints. IP Intercoms, IP Amplifiers and IP Speakers/Horns can be connected to TalkMaster FOCUS over a local or wide-area network and managed by multiple Enterprise Operators.

By adding additional ENTERPRISE OPERATOR licenses, you unlock the power to manage your IP endpoints from many PC’s at the same time and improve service levels.

  • Setup IP Endpoints in Queues and control which Operators manage them
  • Multiple Operators can manage the same Queues
  • Setup “overflow” conditions so that if one Operator is too busy, incoming calls “overflow” to additional Operators
  • Setup Paging Groups with pre-recorded audio messages and control which Operators have access send to them
  • Listen to the audio from a group of IP Endpoints.  Sound levels are visually displayed so you can determine which endpoint the loudest sounds are coming from


Enterprises Operator can also display associated video from RTSP based IP Cameras by including a license for TalkMaster FOCUS Vision.

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