TalkMaster™ Focus Vision

Add-on to allow operators to view live video from IP Cameras associated with IP audio endpoints.  Supports industry standard RTSP based IP cameras.

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TalkMaster FOCUS is the industry-leading platform for managing IP audio endpoints. IP Intercoms, IP Amplifiers and IP Speakers and Horns can be connected over a local or wide-area network. TalkMaster FOCUS Vision adds the ability to view RTSP based IP Cameras.

TalkMaster FOCUS VisionBy adding the Vision license to TalkMaster FOCUS, all Operator Consoles can see who they are talking to by displaying industry standard IP cameras in the Operator Console. Visually verifying a guest or intruder can be the difference between safety and danger.

The Vision option provides the ability to:

  • View an RTSP based IP Camera that has been associated with an IP Intercom in the Operator Console
  • Continuously monitor up to four RTSP based IP Cameras in the Operator Console

Enabling the RTSP option requires download and installation of the RTSP Viewer software located on our Support >> Software/Firmware Download page.

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