TalkMaster Software Maintenance

TalkMaster Software Maintenance provides you access to new features and bug fixes that are made to TalkMaster every year.   One year of software maintenance is included with your TalkMaster license purchase.  To continue receiving these benefits, purchase annual software maintenance.

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One year of TalkMaster Software Maintenance is included with the initial purchase of a TalkMaster License.   To continue receiving the benefits of ongoing feature upgrades and bug fixes, customers should purchase annual software maintenance.

Software Maintenance includes:

  • New TalkMaster Features
  • Updates to stay current with Windows
  • Bug Fixes

Annual Software Maintenance is based on the number of connections (Software Consoles plus IP7 Endpoints) that are connected to TalkMaster Server.   If a Fail Forward/VM license has been purchased, the number of connections are increased by 20%.

Here is a copy of the Software Maintenance Agreement.

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