IP Surveillance Systems
for Retail

Digital Acoustics offers only the best, most reliable communications solutions to our customers.

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Fast Food, Convenience Stores, Pharmacies/Grocery, Department & Specialty Stores

The retail industry is fraught with many risks including theft and vandalism. Installing effective retail surveillance systems is a cost-effective way to direct employees and oversee large spaces while monitoring inventory and customers. With our IP Retail Security-Surveillance in place, managers have access to audio, visual and voice of every endpoint in one or several retail locations.

Digital Acoustics’ IP surveillance systems for retail are easy to use, reliable, and durable with built-in redundancies to ensure flawless communication. Our hardware and software give central command and local operators complete control and instant access to all endpoints and zones. Automated systems built into our proprietary software allow audio and visual alerts to be played or cameras to be activated via set triggers such as doors opening or motion activation.

See why Jared Jewelry, Rite Aid, U-Haul, and others trust Digital Acoustics.

  • Product line providing all types of audio: announcements, advertising, background music
  • Local or remote management – from Corporate Headquarters or Manager’s office
  • Scalable system to grow along with your business or operation

What you should expect when choosing Digital Acoustics:

  • Access to our team of industry experts for network and audio design advice
  • Easy and seamless communication with your facilities – local and/or remote
  • Quality one- and two-way audio; paging, intercom, audio mass notification, remote monitoring
  • Automation capabilities for text-to-speech, visual alerts, third-party integrations
  • Simple retro-fit with existing/legacy equipment
  • TalkMaster FOCUS platform with powerful capabilities for central (and distributed) command
  • Reliable, durable, operator friendly, easy to maintain

Why Choose Digital Acoustics?

Our technology is currently used and trusted by organizations like IBM, Exelon, Boeing and NASA. Let us show you why. Contact a sales rep by clicking below.







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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