Software Documentation

Digital Acoustics TalkMaster Software and IP7 Audio Endpoints are very reliable and once configured, typically run untouched for years.

Software Documentation

SIP / InformaCast Software Configuration

IP Endpoints with S3 Firmware support a SIP connection with web based configuration and the high fidelity G.722 codec.  They  also supports a connection to Singlewire’s InformaCast software as a chargeable option. Product SKUs for IP Endpoints ordered with S3 Firmware end with -S3 or -S3-IC.

TalkMaster FOCUS Software Reference Manuals

IP Endpoints with IP7 Firmware Support a connection to TalkMaster and/or to a SIP Server.  If a Firmware option is not specified when ordering an IP Endpoint, it will be shipped with IP7 Firmware.

  • Admin Console Reference Manual

    Once the IP audio devices are connected to the network, they need to be discovered and configured as TalkMaster clients and/or SIP extensions with proper IP Addresses, a server to connect to as well as any other options.  This video shows the process of configuring these options using the TalkMaster Administrator Console.

The following products require the base TalkMaster FOCUS software to be installed and require a license to run.

The Stand Alone Firmware Management App SAFMA is used to fix a device that was interrupted during a firmware update.

SDK Overview

An SDK is available that customers can use to create custom applications that communicates with our TalkMaster FOCUS Server and IP Audio Endpoints.  The SDK uses the .NET framework and provides a simple set of Objects, Methods and Properties to communicate with any or all IP Audio Endpoints.

Software Data Sheets

TalkMaster FOCUS
Enterprise Operator Console
Automation Tools
VoIP Connect







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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