Troubleshooting – Audio

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Audio received from IP Endpoint is noisy or too low at Operator Console

  • Make sure the PC running TalkMaster FOCUS Operator Console has its volume level turned up
  • Check PC’s  speaker by playing a wave file from the computer
  • If no audio is being received from an IP7-STx, make sure the ST-MIC switch on the IP7 is set correctly. Refer to the IP7-STx Getting Started Guide to determine the correct setting based on the analog audio device the IP&-STx is connected to
  • Make sure the IP Endpoint is located at least 1 meter away from any DC Transformers or stepper motors
  • Connect the IP7’s J3-7 connector (Case) to an earth ground
  • Use shielded audio cable for microphone connections. Ground the shield to J2-4 (GND) on the IP7. Do not connect the shield at the Speaker/Microphone. This will “drain” noise off of the line
  • Make sure the Microphone wire is not run in the same conduit as AC power
  • If possible, disconnect the IP7’s Microphone to see if the noise goes away. If it does, the issue is with the Mic / Mic wiring.
  • If the audio is still bad, contact Digital Acoustics Technical Support

Audio from TalkMaster Console is too low or noisy at the IP7’s Speaker

  • Set the IP7’s volume level to 6 or 7. Login to TalkMaster FOCUS Operator Console using an Logon ID that has been defined with Administrator Rights, select Menu option View >> Preferences, select the Audio and Volume tab and then check the Setup Volume box. Click OK and then use the Get Volume / Set Volume buttons to view and set each IP Endpoint’s speaker volume level.  The IP7’s volume can also be set by using the Vol+ and Vol- buttons on the IP7 (press Vol+ or Vol- seven times for max or minimum volume)
  • If the volume is still too low, use TalkMaster FOCUS Operator Console to select the Intercom and press the Chime button. If the volume is OK at the IP7, the issue is most likely with the PC’s microphone.  While talking to the IP7 from the Operator Console, look at the VU Meter under the Talk button. It should be moving into the yellow area.      If the microphone level is too low or too high, adjust the PC’s Microphone (this procedure will vary based on the version of the Windows you are using)
  • If the audio is still bad, contact Digital Acoustics Technical Support

Using pre-recorded wav files from TalkMaster FOCUS

  • Refer to the Application Note on creating pre-recorded audio files for use with TalkMaster FOCUS
  • Audio Messages in TalkMaster FOCUS Server can use WAV or MP3 format, but are always converted to G.711 uLaw Wav format (8k sample rate) when played
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