Troubleshooting – Installing TalkMaster FOCUS

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TalkMaster Software Installation and Updating

This troubleshooting step outlines the process for installing or updating TalkMaster FOCUS.  Digital Acoustics recommends that you update to the latest version of TalkMaster FOCUS before contacting Technical Support.  The TalkMaster FOCUS Installer menu installs the TalkMaster FOCUS Server/Admin Console as well as some supporting services.  It also can install the Operator Console, the Firmware Management Console and the Archive Console.

TalkMaster FOCUS Sever and the TalkMaster Administration Console must be installed in order to discover and configure IP7 Endpoints on the network.

The Operator Console can be installed on the same PC as the TalkMaster FOCUS Server or on a different PC.

The Firmware Management Console is optional and can be installed on the same PC as the TalkMaster FOCUS Server or on a different PC.

The Archive Console is optional and is typically installed on a different PC than the TalkMaster FOCUS Server.

  • Make sure you have Administrative rights to install software on your computer
  • Download the TalkMaster FOCUS Installer from the downloads page and run it to open the TalkMaster FOCUS Installer Menu
  • Select the Install TalkMaster Server/Admin Console button.  The USB License Key driver, the Support Central Application and the Restart Service will also be installed

TalkMaster FOCUS Installer

  • During the installation, you may be asked to remove a prior version. Please answer YES. All of your current settings will be retained
  • Accept the Software License Agreements and then select the default responses for all other questions during the install
  • Digital Acoustics recommends that a copy of the Operator Console and Firmware Management Console be installed on the TalkMaster FOCUS Server for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes
  • If the Installer menu instructs you to reboot at anytime during the installation, you must do so before proceeding to the next troubleshooting step


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