Troubleshooting – IP7 Firmware Updating

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IP7 Firmware Versions

All IP7s manufactured since 2011 can run Firmware Version 7 or later.

For IP7s manufactured prior to 2011, the latest IP7 Version is V6.3.4.23. The Firmware Management Console will not allow these IP7s to be upgraded with Version 7 or later.

If upgrading an IP7 from version 5 to either Version 6 or Version 7, you must upgrade to Version first

Firmware for V5.3.5.4, V6.3.4.23 and the currently shipping version 7 are all included in the  firmware download found on the Software/Firmware Downloads page.

IP7 Firmware Upgrading

IP7 Firmware updates are sent over the network.  For best results, install the latest version of the TalkMaster FOCUS Server/Admin Console as well as the TalkMaster FOCUS Firmware Management Console from the Software/Firmware Downloads page.

  • Using the TalkMaster FOCUS Administrator console, verify that all IP7s are connected to the TalkMaster FOCUS Server and that they each have a valid Gateway specified in their IP Address.  If a Gateway of is specified, update the Gateway on each IP7 with the IP Address of the TalkMaster FOCUS Server
  • Open the TalkMaster FOCUS Firmware Management Console and connect to the same TalkMaster FOCUS Server that the IP7s are connected to
  • Press the FIND ALL button located in the lower left hand corner of the screen
  • Select up to ten IP7s
  • Press the Update IP7 Firmware button, select the appropriate firmware file with an extension of .ip7 and press OK
  • The firmware will be sent to each selected IP7.  The Status will change from Starting to 100% to Unavailable
  • Once the firmware has been sent to the IP7, you must wait for about 45 seconds for the new firmware to be applied. DO NOT REPOWER THE IP7 DURING THIS TIME
  • Press the FIND All button
  • The IP7 will automatically reboot, reconnect to the TalkMaster FOCUS Server and the updated firmware version will be displayed under the TYPE column

If the IP7 Firmware update runs successfully, but the IP7 does not display the updated version number:

  • Try pressing the FIND ALL button
  • Try running the Firmware upgrade again
  • In rare instances on older IP7s, you may have to use a USB cable to update the IP7’s firmware
  • Download and install the Standalone Firmware installer and follow the instructions to flash the IP7 using a USB cable
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