Troubleshooting – TalkMaster FOCUS Server

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TalkMaster FOCUS Server

To verify that the TalkMaster Focus Server service is running, look in the Windows System Tray in the lower right hand corner of the screen for the TalkMaster Status ICON (the ICON may be hidden, so you may have to click on the symbol to display the hidden Windows System Tray icons):

  • TalkMaster FOCUS Server Status ICON - UnlicensedYellow (running – not licensed). The software will report as TalkMaster SOLO and will permit a single logon and up to 255 IP Endpoint connections. Proceed to the next step
  • TalkMaster FOCUS Server Status ICON - LicensedGreen (running and licensed). Proceed to the next step
  • Digital Acoustics TalkMaster FOCUS Server Status ICON - StoppedRed (not running). The service can be started by right-clicking on the ICON, selecting FOCUS Services Status and then clicking the Start button for TalkMaster FOCUS Server. Make sure the TalkMaster Status ICON changes to Yellow or Green

TalkMaster FOCUS Restart Service
Please note that TalkMaster FOCUS Support Service and TalkMaster FOCUS Restart Service do not consume Console Licenses

If the ICON stays red:

  • Make sure the PC has a valid network connection. TalkMaster FOCUS Server will not start if a network connection is not available
  • Open the Windows Event Viewer and select Windows Logs >> Application, to check for failure messages from iEnterprise (TalkMaster Focus Server service).  A Port conflict is the most common reason that TalkMaster Server fails to start. TalkMaster Server attempts to open Ports 5001 for UDP, 3000 for TCP and 3010 for TCP.  Use the Windows command line netstat tool (netstat -a -b -n -p UDP) to determine if another application is using Port 5001 for UDP and try to change that application to use a different port. TalkMaster requires Port 5001 for UDP and will not start if it is not available.  Contact Digital Acoustics Technical Support if you need to assign an alternate port for 3000 TCP and/or 3010 TCP to TalkMaster Server
  • If the TalkMaster Server will not start for any other reason, open the TalkMaster Support Central Application from the Windows Start menu, select menu option File >> Open Current Folder, double-click iEnterprise Support Database in the Folder window, and Email the Support file with the current date to with a Subject Line of “Unable to Start TalkMaster”

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