VoIP Systems

For deployments that need to add on or completely replace software management with VoIP phone system management,  use the Digital Acoustics IP Audio endpoint integrated SIP feature or choose the extended feature set of TalkMaster™ FOCUS VoIP Connect software.

SIP Audio Endpoints

Digital Acoustics IP Audio endpoints support the SIP protocol used by most VoIP Phone Systems:

  • IP7 SIP Intercom functionality allows for dial out to an extension, hunt group or mobile phone
  • Activate the IP7 SIP Intercom’s dry contact relay to open doors directly from your phone
  • If your VoIP Phone system supports SIP Paging Groups, you can implement overhead paging systems using the IP7 SIP Speaker and IP7 SIP Amplifier IP Audio products
  • For added functionality, configure an IP7 as a hybrid SIP/TalkMaster FOCUS client.  The IP7 SIP Intercom can place a call to TalkMaster and if not answered, can dial out to a cell phone through the VoIP Phone system

VoIP Connect Software

If your VoIP Phone System does not support SIP Paging Groups, you may need the extended capabilities of TalkMaster FOCUS VoIP Connect (a complimentary service to TalkMaster FOCUS).

  • Integrates with most SIP 2.0 phone systems by creating a “gateway” between your VoIP Phone System, TalkMaster FOCUS and IP7 Audio Endpoints
  • Adds SIP Paging functionality to your VoIP system using efficient Multicast or Unicast network protocols to minimize network bandwidth across your LAN or WAN
  • Make live or “record then send” announcements from phones connected to your VoIP Phone system
  • Make pre-recorded alert and emergency notification announcements from optional TalkMaster FOCUS software components

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