TalkMaster FOCUS Software

TalkMaster™ Focus Software Suite is the industry leading ip audio software platform for managing all your IP Audio endpoints. 

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TalkMaster™ Overview

TalkMaster FOCUS provides capabilities for pre-recorded or ad hoc announcements, emergency notifications, security verification, remote monitoring and background audio that interact with all IP Intercom and IP Paging endpoints either from a single PC or many PCs. The TalkMaster software suite provides the options, features, and functionally to fit your specific application or needs. Software Development Kits (SDK) are available to create custom applications that interact with TalkMaster FOCUS or that run independently. For all your IP Intercom, IP Paging and IP Amplifier requirements, look at Digital Acoustics’ IP Audio software and hardware solutions.

TalkMaster Software Offerings

  • Communicate to IP Intercoms, IP Speakers and IP Amplifiers with software running on a Windows based PCs
  • Provide live IP Paging announcements or send pre-recorded announcements from your Windows based PCs
  • Provide automated IP Paging with audio announcements for weather alerts or from other RSS or Cap/Atom enabled feeds
  • Provide automated IP Audio messages in response to IP Endpoint actions such as Sensor or Relay events
  • Use your VoIP Phone systems (SIP 2.0) for IP Paging to groups of IP Speakers and IP Amplifiers using Multicast or Unicast network protocols
  • View RTSP based IP camera feeds associated while communicating with an IP Audio endpoint






  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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