Digital Acoustics Advantages

We pride ourselves in knowing our customers, both large and small, benefit from our experience, product solutions and reliability.

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Digital Acoustics Advantages

ADVANTAGE: Proven and Reliable IP Audio Solutions

Why is Digital Acoustics a leading audio company when it comes to VoIP? Because we invented IP intercom endpoint technology. In 2003, we integrated into the world’s most advanced global hub – the Hong Kong airport.  And recently, NASA choose Digital Acoustics for upgrades on the International Space Station. These are just a few of the high-profile installations Digital Acoustics has successfully deployed across commercial markets worldwide. We pride ourselves in knowing our customers, both large and small, benefit from our experience, product solutions and reliability.

ADVANTAGE: Address Hidden Costs, Keep Your Costs Down 

We recognize installers and field personnel have a set budget. Features that are not needed should never be forced on a customer which is why we offer ONLY the best solutions with no unnecessary added costs.

  • Ease of installation incorporated at time of product development
  • No SIP infrastructure? We provide TalkMaster™ Focus
  • Legacy wiring? Our IP7 Series offers multiple connectivity options using legacy copper
  • Mixed technology? We provide both intercom and paging in converged software
  • Speakers already deployed using analog systems?  Re-purpose with simple connection to our IP amplifiers

ADVANTAGE: Digital Acoustics TalkMaster™ Software Solution

Take advantage of Digital Acoustics’ software and firmware to meet your specific requirements. The evolution of our TalkMaster software has led way to our highly successful platform, TalkMaster FOCUS (TMF).

TalkMaster™ FOCUS Feature Set:

  • Enterprise Operator: Multiple concurrent operators to manage endpoints, expandable to thousands of endpoints, patented FailForward™ redundancy
  • Vision: Associated live video playback with selected intercom device, view multiple video sources concurrently, added security with visual verification
  • Automation: Event automation to support audio file playback, light/siren activation, perimeter lockdown.  Email alerts for system interruptions. Text-to-speech (TTS) engine supporting RSS readers and Common Alert Protocol (CAP)
  • VoIP Connect: Integration with SIP 2.0 phone systems, paging & intercom audio capability, control doors and gates from dial pad

ADVANTAGE: Core Technology Feature Sets

With Digital Acoustics core technology, we offer features beyond the VoIP chip-set hardware found in most systems and provide only the best solutions to fit your application.


  • Ambient Noise Detection:  IP endpoint used as microphone for specific paging zone, sets volume for speakers based on current noise levels in that zone
  • Two-way Health Monitoring: IP endpoints and software operator consoles constantly monitor to ensure connection.  Pings every 20 seconds
  • Fail Forward™ :  Patented “search and connect” technology (see below for complete overview)
  • STUN/Firewall Piercing:  Used to temporarily pierce holes for connectivity and configuration
  • Disability Compliance:  American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance through built-in visual feedback capabilities, including lighted call panels
  • Expansion/Peripherals:  Via software and expansion ports on hardware devices, Digital Acoustics integrates video playback, access control, and support of cloud technologies






  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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