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Colleges & Universities, K-12

Notify people across multiple buildings, classrooms, outdoors, and remote areas via our mass notification solutions for all types of schools, including colleges.

Educational facilities, from K-12 through higher education, house and educate our most valuable assets: our future generations. In recent years, campus violence has increased to surprising levels and for this reason, we often see devastating outcomes. The shootings at Sandy Hook and Virginia Tech have prompted ongoing conversations about better evacuation and reaction time.

Having the ability to communicate instantly with students, faculty, and visitors can make a difference in a quick and safe resolution. Digital Acoustics’ IP Audio products let you build a school IP Paging system to fit the PA and Emergency Notification needs of your school or campus. Digital Acoustics’ systems are designed for PA or direct communication to a zone/area such as a specific building, classroom, department, or hallway. A quality school PA system, used as emergency notification, can likewise provide scheduled bells, background music and general day-to-day paging.

Just a few of the top universities that trust Digital Acoustics’ IP Audio and Mass Notification solutions:  Notre Dame, University of Chicago, Nothern Illinois University, and Maricopa Community Colleges. Education – IP Audio & Mass Notification Solutions


Education – Mass Notification IP Audio Solutions

  • Scheduled bells and tones for events and class changes
  • General daily announcements as well as emergency preparedness paging
  • Assistance and Point of Rescue Classroom Intercom Equipment


What to expect when choosing Digital Acoustics?

  • Experts for network and audio design solutions
  • Easy and seamless communication with your facilities – local and/or remote
  • High-quality one and two-way IP audio; paging, intercom, audio mass notification, and remote monitoring
  • Automation capabilities for text-to-speech, visual alerts, third-party integrations
  • Simple retro-fit with existing/legacy equipment
  • TalkMaster™ FOCUS platform with powerful capabilities for central (and distributed) command
  • Reliable, durable, and operator friendly


Education Case Study – Notre Dame

See more on IP Paging solutions from one of our VARs, Kintronics.

Why Choose Digital Acoustics?

Our technology is currently used and trusted by organizations like IBM, Exelon, Boeing and NASA. Let us show you why. Contact a sales rep by clicking below.







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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