OEM & Custom Applications

Our technology is currently used and trusted by organizations like IBM, Exelon, Boeing and NASA. Let us show you why. Contact a sales rep by clicking below.

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OEM & Custom Applications

Our core technology has been designed in a way that lets us quickly and efficiently tailor the final product to fit custom needs.  CONTACT US today to discuss how we can build off our technology specifically for your needs, and we will work together to design a purpose-built product for your application.


Our technology has been successfully adapted for applications such as:

  • Fast food drive up & point of sale integration, over 80,000 anticipated locations
  • Light-rail train cars & platform/depots in America’s 2 largest metropolitan areas
  • Central station remote monitoring supporting multiple zones on a single IP device
  • Private label intercoms for Fortune 100 companies
  • Custom Radio relay stations
  • Parking and Emergency stanchion integration
Our most recent OEM/Custom Success:

Multi-Zone Controller

As audio communications have transitioned from phone (POTS) connectivity to IP, a gap was identified in the remote monitoring market. A device that can make a single connection, yet manage many zones at the final destination, was highly sought by major central station monitoring companies. Digital Acoustics filled this gap with a solution that met all the old requirements, as well as having room for expansion in the future with the introduction of the Multi-Zone Controller in the IP7 Series.







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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