Multi-Operator Systems

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Enterprise, Multi-Operator Systems

For more demanding and complex deployments, needing multiple operators and/or thousands of endpoints, add additional TalkMaster™ FOCUS Enterprise Operator licenses to your TalkMaster FOCUS  software platform.  Each Enterprise Operator can be configured to manage different groups of IP Intercoms and/or IP Paging Groups.  During peak activity periods, TalkMaster FOCUS can automatically route incoming calls to additional Operators in order to improve your workflows.

  • TalkMaster FOCUS scales up to thousands of endpoints and hundreds of operators
  • Add redundancy capabilities for your critical communication systems with our patented Fail Forward™ feature
  • Assign one or more groups of IP Intercoms or IP Speakers to operators both locally and across the internet
  • Add Scheduled and Automated Events, Text to Speech, extended IP phone connectivity, and more
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Add as many Enterprise Operator licenses as your application calls for.

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TalkMaster FOCUS Fail Forward

The patented Fail Forward technology found in our IP Audio Endpoints and Software Consoles provide automatic connection to a secondary TalkMaster FOCUS Server

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The IP Speaker Ceiling Tile is a 2×2 lay-in SIP Speaker or VoIP Speaker which is PoE powered and is designed for interior IP Paging, SIP Paging and emergency notifications.  It includes an integrated 8 Watt amplifier, an internal microphone to enable 2-way audio and a Status LED visible in the speaker grill.







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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