TalkMaster Focus Fail Forward™ /VM License

Add-on license to enable a redundant TalkMaster FOCUS Server for mission critical applications.

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If you have a mission critical application, consider upgrading to a TalkMaster FOCUS Fail ForwardTM/VM license so your fail forward and/or VM servers can use the same license key as your primary TalkMaster Server (a standard software license key is tied to a CPU serial number).

The patented Fail Forward technology in Digital Acoustics’ IP Endpoints and Console Applications enables them to determine when the TalkMaster FOCUS Server is no longer available, whether due to a network outage or server maintenance.  Once detected, the IP Endpoints and Consoles can automatically “fail forward” to a redundant TalkMaster FOCUS Server on a different IP Address.

If your TalkMaster FOCUS Server runs on a virtual machine in a high availability or clustering environment, the virtual machine system can  migrate TalkMaster FOCUS Server to a new host using the same IP Address.

The Fail Forward/VM License provides the flexibility for whatever your critical communications continuity plans are.

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