Software Maintenance

Digital Acoustics TalkMaster Software and IP7 Audio Endpoints are very reliable and once configured, typically run untouched for years.

TalkMaster Software Maintenance Overview

One year of Software Maintenance is included with the initial purchase of a TalkMaster Software License.   To continue receiving feature upgrades and bug fixes, customers should purchase annual software maintenance.

Software Maintenance includes:

  • New TalkMaster Features
  • Updates to stay current with Windows
  • Bug Fixes

Annual Software Maintenance is based on the number of connections (Software Consoles plus IP7 Endpoints) that are connected to TalkMaster Server. If a Fail Forward/VM license has been purchased, the number of connections are increased by 20%.

  • Customers who purchased their initial TalkMaster software license during  2019 will automatically receive one year of free software updates from the date of their purchase
  • Customers must purchase Software Maintenance within one year of their initial TalkMaster License purchase and must continue to purchase on an annual basis in order to maintain benefits
  • A one time exemption will allow customers who purchased an initial TalkMaster License prior to January 2019, to purchase Software Maintenance within 60 days of us contacting you
  • Customers who decline Software Maintenance, but later decided they want to update TalkMaster to a newer release will be required to purchase the missing years of maintenance along with penalties or purchase a new TalkMaster license

After purchasing Software Maintenance, customers will receive a new software license that is installed using the TalkMaster Administrator Console.  This license will allow them to update to any version of TalkMaster that is released prior to the end of their Software Maintenance period.

Customers that do not purchase Software Maintenance will be able to continue using their current version of TalkMaster.

If you have any questions on our Software Maintenance program or would like to receive a quote for Software Maintenance, call us at 224-544-5710 or send us an email at with your current number of endpoints, consoles connections and whether you have a fail forward server.







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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