Software/Firmware Downloads

TalkMaster Software and IP7 Firmware

Digital Acoustics software and firmware for new or existing installations can be downloaded free of charge.

If you have an existing installation, you may upgrade to the latest release free of charge. We recommend that you update the TalkMaster FOCUS Server and Admin Console before the rest of the Services and Consoles. Once the software has been updated, the IP7 Firmrware should be updated.

For new installations, TalkMaster FOCUS can be download free of charge to support a single console logon with 250 IP Endpoints. Additional Enterprise Operators, Automation, VoIP Connect, and Vision require a license to run.

Available Downloads

IP7 Firmware

Download IP7 Firmware Release Notes – March 2017
Download IP7 Firmware V7.1.3.12
IP7 Firmware update is available for all IP7s manufactured since 2011. Please Note that TalkMaster FOCUS V5.2.1 or greater is required to support V7 Firmware!

  • Use TalkMaster FOCUS Firmware Management Console (included with TalkMaster FOCUS) to update IP7 Firmware
  • IP7 Firmware V6.3.4.23 (included in the download) is the latest version for IP7s manufactured prior to 2011
  • If upgrading from version 5 firmware to version 6 or 7, upgrade to version (included in the download) before upgrading to the latest version
  • Download includes additional firmware used only on the IP7-MZC-FD Mult-Zone Controller

TalkMaster FOCUS Installer

Download TalkMaster FOCUS Release Notes – January 2018
Download TalkMaster FOCUS Installer V5.2.5
TalkMaster FOCUS is provided free with any Digital Acoustics hardware purchase.  It includes a single logon for the Admin Console, Operator Console or Firmware Management Console and reports as TalkMaster SOLO. The software reports as TalkMaster FOCUS when running with purchased licensed features.

  • The TalkMaster FOCUS Server runs in the background as a Windows™ Service
  • The Admin Console logs into the TalkMaster FOCUS Server and is used to discover and configure IP7 Endpoints
  • The Operator Console logs into the TalkMaster FOCUS Server and manages communications with the IP7 Endpoints using the PC’s Microphone and Speaker
  • The Firmware Management Console logs into the TalkMaster FOCUS Server and is used to update the IP7 firmware
  • The Archive Console logs into the TalkMaster FOCUS Server and is used view the Audit Log and optionally listen to recorded audio sessions

Purchase a license to enable TalkMaster FOCUS advanced features. See our TalkMaster FOCUS Software Suite page for additional information.

Automation Tools Installer

Download TalkMaster FOCUS Automation Release Notes – January 2018
Download Automation Tools Installer V5.2.5
Automation Tools is a licensed feature of TalkMaster FOCUS. It provides the ability to:

  • Monitor and read RSS or Cap/Atom feeds, covert them from text to speech and play to selected Paging Groups
  • Monitor for IP7 IP Endpoint events such as Talk Switch, Sensor, or Relay and play an audio response

VoIP Connect Installer

Download TalkMaster FOCUS VoIP Connect Release Notes – January 2018
Download VoIP Connect Installer V5.2.5
VoIP Connect is a licensed feature of TalkMaster FOCUS. It provides the following functionality when communicating with a VoIP (SIP 2.0) Phone System:

  • Call an SIP Extension assigned to either a single IP7 or a group of IP7s
  • Send audio thru a phone using either the “live” or “record, then send” option

TalkMaster FOCUS Vision – RTSP Viewers

Download RTSP Option Notes for Associated Video
Download RTSP Viewers
Vision is a licensed feature of TalkMaster FOCUS. The RTSP Viewers are required to view cameras that use the RTSP protocol in the Admin Console and Operator Consoles.

TalkMaster LE has reached “End of Life” and is no longer supported. Please install TalkMaster FOCUS to replaced TalkMaster LE.  TalkMaster FOCUS supports a single operator console and up to 250 IP Endpoints at no cost.

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