VOIP Paging for the Hospitality Industry

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Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants

The hospitality world is fast paced and demanding which is why your employees need operator friendly and mission-critical communications to provide top-class service and safety. Digital Acoustics provides VOIP paging for the hospitality industry to make this happen. VOIP paging entails intercoms, customer service, and audio mass notification.

Minimize errors and costs by consolidating operations under one roof. Even if your business model or store chains are located around the world, by leveraging IP communications for order taking, customer service, and other customer interactions to a central call center, you can maintain excellent customer experiences while managing personnel costs. Contact us to discover how we can modernize and simplify your organization’s communications.

See why Marriott, Motel 6, and others trust Digital Acoustics for paging, intercom and mass notification.

  • Provide clear and relevant communications to your customers and guests
  • Centralize your communications to manage quality and costs related to personnel
  • Increase efficiency and customer satisfaction


What you should expect when choosing Digital Acoustics:

  • Access to our team of industry experts for network and audio design advice
  • Easy and seamless communication with your facilities – local and/or remote
  • Quality one and two-way audio; paging, intercom, audio mass notification, remote monitoring
  • Automation capabilities for text-to-speech, visual alerts, third-party integrations
  • Simple retro-fit with existing/legacy equipment
  • TalkMaster FOCUS platform with powerful capabilities for central (and distributed) command
  • Reliable, durable, operator friendly, easy to maintain

Why Choose Digital Acoustics?

Our technology is currently used and trusted by organizations like IBM, Exelon, Boeing and NASA. Let us show you why. Contact a sales rep by clicking below.







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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