IP Speaker Systems

Digital Acoustics offers a variety of commercial, IP-based speakers, including wall, bi-directional and ceiling tile speakers that are cost effective and simple to install. 

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Overview & Highlights

With Digital Acoustics’ TalkMaster™ Software, you can easily manage your IP Paging requirements on across your LAN/WAN network from a single PC or multiple PCs.  Our commercial IP Paging Speakers are also compatible with VoIP (SIP 2.0) Telephony Systems for SIP Paging or VoIP Paging. These network speaker systems can also be used with Singlewire’s Informacast software using our custom firmware.

For all your IP commercial speaker system, music distribution, and emergency notification needs, look at Digital Acoustics’ IP Speaker Solutions.


  • TalkMaster™ FOCUS software manages all speakers on the network
  • Zones extend over networks, span the Internet
  • Supports 1000’s of stations using standard PCs
  • Highly configurable zone mapping
  • Powerful integrated 8-watt amplifier provides loud, crisp quality
  • Fast to deploy, easy to maintain
  • Multicast Protocol enables seamless, clear, low bandwidth audio distribution
  • Patented Fail Forward technology
  • PoE (802.3af) compatible

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IP Speaker Product Offerings

  • 2×2 Ceiling lay in panels
  • Bi-directional (dual speaker) for Hallway coverage
  • Surface Mounted Enclosures

Insights & Use Cases

  • Central software manages system with digital voice quality
  • Zones extend over networks, span the Internet
  • Supports 1000s of stations without proprietary head-end hardware
  • Highly configurable zone template mapping
  • Powerful integrated amplifier provides loud, crisp quality
  • Interface to analog overhead loudspeakers
  • Fast to deploy, easy to maintain
  • Audio monitoring and intercom capability at any end-point
  • Multicast Protocol enables seamless, clear, low bandwidth audio distribution
  • Connect VoIP Telephony Systems using TalkMaster™ VoIP Connect (SIP 2.0)
  • Patent pending Digital Acoustics® technology

Digital Acoustics offers a wide choice of speakers for the most demanding IP speaker paging requirements. Every acoustic environment is unique and using the right speakers is important in providing intelligible public address solutions. Digital Acoustics’ IP speaker paging systems include:

  • 8″ Ceiling Mounts – Round and Square IP Paging Speakers
  • Dual speaker hallway coverage version –
  • Surface Mounted Enclosures – Square and Sloped
  • Internal Horns
  • External Paging Horns
  • Corrections Grade Solutions (Vandal Proof)
  • Weather Proof & Flame-retardant

For applications that incorporate 25/70v or 8 ohm speaker systems modular IP7- SS8, IP7-SS20 and IP7-SS40 Audio Amplifiers are a perfect solution. The IP7 series can drive 8-Ohm speakers, or multiple speakers in an array. With a maximum output of 40 watts the IP7-SS40 (8 Ohms) is capable of driving multiple paging horns with sound pressure levels in excess of 120 db SPL. The IP7-SS20 is similar and provides 20W of power.  For low output applications (<8 watts) the IP7-SS8 and IP7-SE8 can use Power of Ethernet (POE).

For specific applications that require unique coverage inside a building solutions Digital Acoustics offers the SPKR-IP 11-BD-P Bi-directional Speaker. The design incorporates a completely self-contained IP Amplifier and dual speaker paging system. The surface mounted enclosure projects sound side-to-side for maximum efficiency and coverage length. It only requires an Ethernet connection with PoE, no other wiring is required. It is intended for indoor wall or ceiling mount for corridor paging of voice, tones and music.

  • One Bi-directional speaker can replace up to 10 ceiling mount speakers
  • Reduces installation labor up to 80%
  • Ideal for hallways with hard surface ceilings to limit buried conduit runs
  • High intelligibility dual 4 inch speaker system
  • Built in IP Amplifier simplifies wiring to just 1 Poe Ethernet connection per device

Audio Distribution Systems … the IP Paging advantage

PA/IP (PA over IP), VoIP and SIP enabled paging provides unique advantages over analog paging systems

  • Proven cost saving over new single function wiring in deployment into existing buildings
  • Spans multiple facilities inter-city, regionally and globally, without head-end hardware
  • Scalable network topology facilitates expansion possibilities
  • Incorporates system wide capability to add intercom, 2 way-audio monitoring (reentrant capability) and remote monitoring functions.
  • Perfect for Retailers, Government, and School systems with complex inter-building distribution need
  • Multicast Protocol enables seamless, clear, low bandwidth audio distribution
  • Easily integrate into emergency systems
  • Provides Ethernet network based redundancy for emergency broadcasts, and employee evacuation systems
  • Design to integrate to SIP and VoIP enabled systems via TalkMaster(tm) software

Emergency Preparedness / IP, VoIP and SIP Paging Systems

  • Provides supplemental reach to overhead IP paging, parking, inter-building, and even individual desktop notification
  • Network based system provides integration path to meet needs and requirements for notifications to individuals with disabilities
  • Cost effective means for compliance to Federal Emergency Decision and Notification Protocol OPM/GSA/NIH and other interagency requirements
  • Call us to discuss  NFPA NFPA 71-2012 and our Ethernet VoIP Paging solutions
  • Packets IP, VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), SIP (Session Initiated Protocol)
  • Addressing Static or DHCP dynamically assigned IP over Ethernet
  • Audio Voice-band VoIP PCM, G.711, selectable bandwidths
  • Power 8 Watt SE8/SS8, 20/40 Watt Amplifier IP7-SS20/SS40, supports 25/70v transformers
  • SE8 options Door relays, Sensors, Integrated 2 port network switches
  • LAN  10/100 Base-T, Ethernet RJ45 for CAT5/CAT6. Supports wireless & fiber.






  • Partner Integrations

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