Automated Systems

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Automated Systems

Reduce headcount and automate tasks to make life easier.  TalkMaster™ FOCUS Automation Tool replaces many common, repetitive human interactions with smart software to automate IP audio alerts & event-based messages.

  • Build systems that do not require human interaction with “If this…then that”  event building capabilities
  • Respond to IP Endpoint Sensors and Contact Closures to send automatic IP paging announcements
  • Schedule IP paging announcements or contact closures based on the day and time
  • Monitor RSS and CAP/ATOM feeds to create IP paging emergency notifications or informational announcements with Text-to-Speech and enclosed audio file playback capabilities
  • All system activity is logged to TalkMaster FOCUS server for administrator review
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TalkMaster FOCUS Automation Tools  is an add-on software module to automate IP paging audio alerts & event-based messages.

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The IP7-FX is powerful enough to be classified as an IP Amplifier, but also includes the capability to perform half-duplex or full-duplex two-way audio capabilities.  It also includes a software controlled onboard dry contact relay and a second IP connector.

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The IP Speaker Ceiling Tile is a 2×2 lay-in SIP Speaker or VoIP Speaker which is PoE powered and is designed for interior IP Paging, SIP Paging and emergency notifications.  It includes an integrated 8 Watt amplifier, an internal microphone to enable 2-way audio and a Status LED visible in the speaker grill.







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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