TalkMaster™ Focus Automation Tools

Add-on for automated messaging and script building, text to speech, panic buttons, scheduled actions

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TalkMaster FOCUS is the industry-leading platform for managing IP audio endpoints.  TalkMaster FOCUS Automation Tools automates IP Paging and IP Intercom messaging based upon events, schedules and feeds sent to IP Intercoms, IP Speakers and IP Amplifiers connected over a local or wide-area network.

TalkMaster FOCUS – Automation Tools license adds the following capabilities to your system:

Automation-AlertsAlert Management adds the ability to monitor RSS and CAP/Atom feeds and automatically convert the associated text messages to speech so they can be played on Digital Acoustics IP Endpoints.  For instance, this can be used to announce severe weather alerts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Or create your own RSS or CAP/Atom feed to create custom on-demand announcements.

AutomationEventsThe Events module adds the ability to monitor events from IP Endpoints and send audio or email messages in response to them.  For instance, you can connect a door switch to an IP Endpoint and play an automatic audio message when someone opens the door.

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