TalkMaster™ Focus VoIP Connect

TalkMaster FOCUS VoIP Connect is an optional component that provides SIP 2.0 integration with industry standard SIP 2.0 VoIP Telephone systems.   TalkMaster FOCUS VoIP Connect adds the ability to seamlessly implement SIP Paging using Multicast or Unicast protocols with IP7 Audio endpoints from phones on your SIP based VoIP phone system.

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TalkMaster FOCUS is the industry-leading platform for managing IP7 IP Intercoms, IP Speakers and IP Amplifiers over a local or wide-area network.
TalkMaster SOLOBy adding the TalkMaster FOCUS VoIP CONNECT license, you can enable efficient SIP Paging from your SIP based VoIP Phone System to IP7 IP Audio Endpoints.  Capabilities include:

  • Add SIP Paging capabilities to groups of IP7 IP Audio Endpoints using the Multicast or Unicast network protocol
  • With SIP Paging, you can send live audio or use the “record then send” option when paging to a group of IP7 IP Audio Endpoints
  • Add SIP Intercom capabilities between your VoIP Phone Systems and IP7 IP Intercoms
  • As a SIP Intercom, IP7 IP Intercoms can initiate or receive calls from your VoIP Phone System and the VoIP Phone System can send a “Door Open” command to activate an IP Endpoint’s Relay
  • VoIP Connect is a direct replacement for Digital Acoustics’ previous offering of the SIP Media Gateway Software


VoIP Connect Components

VoIP Connect consists of two software modules:

  • The VoIP Connect Service runs on a Windows based PC (usually, the same as TalkMaster FOCUS) and creates a software gateway between the VoIP Phone System, TalkMaster FOCUS and the IP7 Audio Endpoints
  • The VoIP Connect Configuration console is used to assign Phone System Extensions to individual IP7s or groups of IP7s.  It can also be used to monitor the SIP status of individual IP7s or groups of IP7s


VoIP Connect Compatibility

This software is compatible with most SIP 2.0 systems. Here is a partial list of what our customers are using:

System Compatible
Asterisk Yes
Cisco CallManager Yes
Tadiran Aeonix Yes
Grandstream GWX Series Yes
OnSIP (cloud based) Yes
Sonus SBC Series Yes
Microsoft Skype for Business No


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