TalkMaster™ FOCUS

TalkMaster FOCUS is provided with any Digital Acoustics IP7 hardware purchase and is used to configure and connect IP Intercoms, IP Speakers and IP Amplifiers with the family of TalkMaster software applications.

Upgrade to TalkMaster FOCUS Enterprise capabilities by purchasing licensed features for additional Enterprise Operator Consoles, Automation Tools, VoIP Connect or Vision.

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TalkMaster SOLOTalkMaster FOCUS is the industry-leading platform for centrally managing groups of IP7 IP Intercoms, IP Speakers, IP Amplifiers and TalkMaster Operator Consoles over local and/or wide-area networks. The TalkMaster FOCUS Enterprise Operator application connects to the TalkMaster FOCUS Server and provides the user interface used for Talking and Listening to IP Audio Endpoints.

TalkMaster FOCUS is free to download and use without a license. In this mode, the Server will support a single logon and will report as TalkMaster SOLO. TalkMaster SOLO will support up to 250 IP audio endpoints.

Licensing options for TalkMaster FOCUS include multiple Enterprise Operator Consoles, the VoIP Connect service to integrate with SIP based VoIP phone systems, Automation Tools for enabling alert and event based audio announcements and Vision to enable IP camera viewing in the Operator Console.  A Fail ForwardTM/VM license upgrade is also available to provide a single license for use on all TalkMaster FOCUS primary and redundant servers.

One year of software maintenance is included with your initial purchase of TalkMaster Focus.  To continue receiving software enhancements and bug fixes, annual TalkMaster Software Maintenance is available.

Manage IP Intercoms

TalkMaster FOCUS Server can manage multiple Queues or groups of IP Intercoms. TalkMaster takes care of routing incoming intercom calls to the appropriate Operator or Operators based upon the criteria you establish for each of the Queues. An option in the Server gives you the ability to automatically record each audio session and play it back at a later time.

Manage IP Paging

The Server supports IP Paging by providing the ability to send live and queued voice messages as well as pre-recorded audio Messages to Paging Groups (paging zones). Paging Groups and Messages are centrally managed, so each Operator Console works with a consistent set of information.  Paging Groups and Messages can also be associated with particular Operators, so only authorized personnel have access to them.
TalkMaster FOCUS Queues and Paging Groups


TalkMaster FOCUS Server feature set

  • Supports the creation of authorized Operators
  • Support for Queues which allow IP Endpoints to be grouped and assigned to one or more Operators
  • Supports the creation of Paging Groups (paging zones)
  • Supports the creation and playing of pre-recorded audio Messages
  • Automatically creates a running Audit Log of all calls
  • Includes the option to digitally record all audio conversations
  • Also provides the ability to monitor (listen to) a group of IP Intercoms


Upgrade to Enterprise capabilities by purchasing:


System Components

  • TalkMaster FOCUS Server – runs as a Windows service on a PC or VM and manages the connections and routing between IP Endpoints, Operator Consoles and other TalkMaster FOCUS components
  • Administrator Console – provides the ability to configure IP Endpoints and all TalkMaster FOCUS Server options
  • Operator Console – provides the user interface for communicating with IP Endpoints using the PC’s speaker and microphone
  • System Tray Status – ICON color represents the Server running and licensing status
  • Restart Service – provides the ability to Start or Stop any of the TalkMaster services
  • Support Central – controls the capture and display of Server tracking logs

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