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IP Audio Endpoint Firmware

All IP Audio Endpoints come pre-installed with either the new S3 firmware or our standard IP7 firmware :

  • The new S3 Firmware includes an integrated web page for configuration and supports a connection to SIP systems and/or Singlewire’s InformaCast software.  Also includes a link for the Device Discovery utility – S3 Firmware Download page
  • The IP7 Firmware supports a connection to TalkMaster software and/or SIP systems and is the default firmware shipped in our IP Audio Endpoints – IP7 Firmware Download page
  • TalkMaster FOCUS Software provides configuration, one-way paging and two-way intercom audio with  IP Audio Endpoints. Extend the base software by adding Automation, VoIP Connect and the Vision RTSP Viewers TalkMaster FOCUS Software Download page


TalkMaster LE has reached “End of Life” and is no longer supported. Please install TalkMaster FOCUS to replaced TalkMaster LE.  TalkMaster FOCUS supports a single operator console and up to 250 IP Endpoints at no cost.

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