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IP Audio Solutions for AcroVista BellCommander

Digital Acoustics IP audio solutions for Acrovista BellCommander software include the industry leading IP7 IP Intercoms, IP Speakers and IP Amplifiers. BellCommander, the Innovative PC Controlled Intercom and School Bell System makes it easy to schedule school bells, factory bells, paging, intercom, and emergency notifications. BellCommander and IP7 audio endpoints can be configured to run with TalkMaster FOCUS or with most SIP 2.0 VoIP based phone systems.


The entire Digital Acoustics IP7 product line is compatible with BellCommander.


In retrofit installations, Digital Acoustics can convert your existing 70V analog system to IP. Just install an IP7-FX on your network and the Line Out to the  inputs of your analog amplifier.


Digital Acoustics also supplies IP Amplifiers in 8 or 40 watt models which are capable of driving a group of speakers using optional 70V matching line transformers or a single 8 Ohm speaker. IP Amplifiers can be combined with new or existing speakers for greenfield or retrofit installations.



For additional information on BellCommander software as well as purchasing options, visit the AcroVista software site.







  • Partner Integrations

    Digital Acoustics IP Audio Endpoints are supported by our industry standard Partners.

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