4 Zone Expander

4 port zone expansion for the Multi Zone Controller (IP7-MZC). Cascade up to twelve 4-port zone expansions on a single Multi Zone Controller for a total of forty-eight zones of full-duplex audio. Any combination of zones can be activated via software control

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Each ZX4L provides four 5-position 3.81MM plugable connectors:

  • Four Speaker connections suitable to drive a powered speaker, balanced or unbalanced amplifier or a one watt 8 Ohm speaker
  • Four Microphone connections for either 2-wire or 3-wire 12V powered microphones
  • Four Speaker volume controls
  • Four Microphone volume controls
  • Four DVR connections to provide for 24×7 microphone recording
  • Six-inch keyed ribbon cable for connecting to an IP7-MZC or another IP7-ZX4L

Zones communicate over IP through the software controlled Multi Zone Controller (IP7-MZC-FD) via the TalkMaster software or via the SIP protocol. Use with 2-way Zone Controller IP7-MZC-FD (designed for use by “call centers”).

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