How IP Audio Technology Aides With Active Shooter Scenarios

In light of recent school shooting tragedies, the discussion on school security has rightfully reached a fever pitch. At Digital Acoustics, we’d like to add our IP communication systems to the conversation because of their potential to support school administrators and supplement other security measures during a campus emergency. Here are some ways our school security technology can be used in active shooter scenarios.

Playing Pre-Recorded Messages

If the school has determined that a pre-recorded message would be played during an active shooter event, those mass notifications can be quickly deployed over one of our high quality IP intercoms for school campuses, with the message playing loudly and clearly through our IP speakers. A pre-recorded message may include instructions for students and staff to follow, aligned with the staff training and student drills that take place throughout the year.

Giving Real-Time Instructions

In some active shooter scenarios, real-time instructions may be more appropriate. If school security or administrators determine a more customized response to the threat is needed, our public address systems can seamlessly facilitate that real-time communication. We also have products that prevent perpetrator tampering, like the InformaCast IP speaker. Because it is also a 2’x2’ ceiling tile, it blends into classroom ceilings. This can greatly reduce the odds that a shooter would be able to aim directly at it.

Staying Within School Security Budget

Even in a time of heightened school security concerns, many districts are under tight budget constraints. Fortunately, Digital Acoustics has IP audio technology that can fit into a wide range of school security budgets. Because our technology is fully scalable, it can be increased or decreased according to your district’s specific budgetary needs. Ask us more about this important school security technology by calling Digital Acoustics. We look forward to meeting your needs ahead of the next school year.

About Digital Acoustics

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