Analog Ceiling Tile Speaker

Indoor Analog Speaker, Lay-in, ceiling tile replacement, 8″ Speaker, available as a standard 8-Ohm speaker or with a 5W dual-voltage (25V and 70.7V) transformer with color-coded leads. Taps at 5W, 2.5W, 1.25W, 0.62w and 0.31W.

SKU: SPKR-12-8 / SPKR-12-T Category:

The white 2×2 ceiling tile design of this speaker results in an attractive installation that is quick and easy to perform.   It provides paging of voice, tones and background music and is available as an 8-Ohm speaker (SPKR-12-8) or with an 25/70V transformer (SPKR-12-T).

The 8-Ohm model can be connected to the IP Ceiling Speaker to enhance coverage in larger rooms (typically 500 – 800 sq ft).

Use 25/70V transformer model in combination with Digital Acoustics IP Amplifiers  and TalkMaster FOCUS to drive a traditional 25V or 70V paging system.

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