Security Technology for the Education Sector

In the post-Covid era, school is back in session and districts are seeing an uptick in everything from student fights to targeted acts of violence. Right now, administrators and school security staff need all the help they can get to keep campuses safe. At Digital Acoustics, we have that help in the form of IP communication systems that double as security technology for school campuses. Here’s some of what we have to offer.

For Daily Use on Campus

Our IP audio for public address – which includes IP intercoms, IP speakers, IP paging systems and IP amplifier hardware and software – can be ideal for morning announcements, the Pledge of Allegiance and other milestones of the school day. For messages that have been pre-recorded, our easy-to-use systems allow for advanced mass notification so that messages can be scheduled ahead of time. The messages can easily be played on our network audio players, IP message board/clock units, or staff computers. Meanwhile, class period transitions can be managed more simply with Informacast school bells, or pre-scheduled with AcroVista BellCommander. 

For Campus Emergency Response   

If a risk to campus security emerges, such as an internal threat of violence or the arrival of an external perpetrator, administrators can use these tools for campus emergency response. The same public address system can be used to announce the threat, give instructions to teachers and make other critical announcements. When seconds count, these IP audio tools can instantly become powerful school security technology to help coordinate risk response on campus.

Innovative products like the InformaCast IP speaker, which doubles as a 2’x2’ ceiling tile, can keep the technology hidden so perpetrators will be unlikely to tamper with it. 

Why IP is Ideal for School Applications

Our IP audio technology can be part of a cost effective security solution for educational campuses. It’s designed to be fully scalable, to align with a range of school district budgets. To learn more about marketing IP public address systems or school bells as part of your school security solutions, call Digital Acoustics today.

About Digital Acoustics

Founded in 2003, Digital Acoustics offers audio communications for businesses in the Industrial, Education Critical Infrastructure, Remote Monitoring and Security, Transportation, Retail, Parking, Military and Government, Hospitality, Commercial, Corrections, and Healthcare industries. For more information on our products and service, contact us nationally at 1(847)604-3256 or internationally at 1(224)544-5710.

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